Monday, November 19, 2007

Sample "Dear Santa" Letters

Here are some sample past Dear:Santa lettters that the UCNH Jaycees intercepted on route to the North Pole. Imagine the excitment and wonder when we show up on Christmas Eve dressed like Santa, right to their doorstep, know their name, and what they requested for Christmas!

Domingo writes: "Dear:Santa, my name is Domingo and I will like some pants for Christmas. My size for my pants is size 7 and I even will like a pair of shoes and my size the shoes is 2 and next Christmas I will like more pants and shirts."

Jizel writes: "Dear Santa, I have a feeling that I was bad, but you believe in children even bad ones. I am eight years old. What I think I got for Christmas last year is a race car and a brat doll. Santa, I'm not sure if I believe in you or not, but thank you for the presents!"

Ricardo writes: "Dear Santa, My name is Ricardo and I have a brother that is ill. He needs a kidney, his name is Eliel. I have been good and my brother too. I want a game and for my brother a ps2 game or some shoes, size 8. Tennis shoes-white please. Thank You Santa."

Each household typically has several siblings that are home and are ecstatic to see Santa at their doorstep. The Jaycees are looking for volunteers, donations, and companies to put a toy bin in so that they can provide toys and cheer to 500 needy kids this year. Call project chairperson Liz Coopersmith at 310-801-3602.

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